Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Spain 2006 Part I: London Calling

“You’re Richard Rodriguez.” Kristin recognized our ticket attendant at the airport in Boston as an ex-counselor from her days as director of the YMCA Ponkapoag Day Camp. Apparently he was so pleased with the blast-from-the-past that he bumped us up to business class for the trip to London. W00t! Kristin’s celebrity pays off! Our holiday afoot in England began with a visit to Josh and Viv Spoerri’s house near the Hampstead Heath in North London. Our hosts were so generous, so gracious. They shared their beautiful home with us while we experienced a thoroughly pleasing side of the city that neither of us had explored before. We were enchanted to meet the newest addition to the Spoerri household, Steven. Isn’t this a great shot of the little guy?!

After a walk in the Heath (loverly) we took afternoon tea (read: pint) in the pub next door to the Spoerri’s house. We felt like true locals when a woman asked us to help with a crossword. Four-letter word for gambler’s bet? Chit. Ah, that’s my London! Room temperature ales!

Many, many thanks to Josh and Viv for hosting us. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet up with Sam and Rebecca in Wales. We did, however, commit our first act of international smuggling by dropping two pounds of Peet’s coffee in the local post for them. Sam and Rebecca: Those two were free; the next two pounds will be, shall we say, “market price.”


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