Thursday, December 01, 2005

P. L. Sullivan Salada

Our cat is by far the most underappreciated member of our family. His full name is Peg Leg Sullivan, inspired by the fact that he spent three of the first five months of his life at the St. Charles Vet Clinic with a cast on his leg. You see, under the care of the wonderful and talented Dr. Elizabeth (Barnes) Rejman, Sullivan came to our home having recovered from a nasty game of chicken with a car. Illinois drivers.

Since then he has established himself as the #2 member of the household. He truly believes that the pecking order goes Mark, Sullivan, and then finally Kristin. Little does he know that the actual order is Sullivan, Kristin, Mark. Thankfully, Mark understands this. It is quite amusing when Sullivan asserts his dominance and corners Kristin, meowing. It’s hard to be intimidated when you’re laughing!

Yes, if you look close enough, you’ll see singed whiskers. They are the hallmark of a curious cat with owners who like candles. Oh, and the box? Well, Sullivan likes crawling into things. He especially likes things he can’t fit into. Since we (Kristin and I) especially like beer, he has many, many photo opportunities as the next Samuel Adams mascot.


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