Monday, May 15, 2006

Siblings Sighting

It’s always wonderful to have family visit. Recently, both my sister and my sister-in-law stayed for a few days with us. Kristin and I got to show off this wonderful city we love, and it’s always a great excuse to hit some restaurants. Our standard Boston tour usually starts with a walk around or near the Commons, and the Garden, and along the freedom trail to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. When we’ve had our fill of food in the North End, we wander close to our apartment and hit John Harvard’s Brew Pub, preceded by the obligatory tour of Harvard University.

Here’s a shot of me and my sister, Jen, attempting to recreate, in part, our historic 50-state U.S. Capitol tour our father took us on as kids. Jen didn’t have ANY recollection of Boston’s capitol, or the Commons for that matter. Of all the capitols we hit, I’d say less than half evoke any specific memory in me either. Mostly, my thoughts are a vague emotional feeling of the place and time, all mostly positive (except New Jersey!)

Kristin’s sister Lisa (who is expecting) had the misfortune of staying with us on the rainiest weekend in memory. Massive flooding in the New England area and we’ve got more coming in the forecast. We managed to take Lisa to Mr. and Mrs. Bartley’s Burger Cottage for a Frappe and burger, and to T to Gov’t Center without getting too soaked… We rounded Lisa’s visit with a nice Mother’s Day brunch with Shannon and Traveler (two good friends) at our place.

Why is it so nice to have family? Well, my family is pretty scattered about, and it’s hard to watch time move so quickly without checking in with the ones you love. My sister keeps looking younger, my brother and I keep getting greyer, and I swear it was just yesterday that my niece Rachael was only barely able to walk (she’s over 9 years old now!). A family is like an exclusive club where you get to watch each other get old. They know how you looked at your high school prom, and they were there on your wedding day. Family knows where you’ve been, and believes the most in where you can go. Can’t beat that.


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