Friday, June 09, 2006

At Long Last!

We were thrilled to host my brother and his girlfriend Jen over the Memorial Day weekend. In a triumphant but modest gesture, Steve and I revisited past glory days and took a Capitol picture. This time, the Massachusetts congress was celebrating the retirement of Doug Flutie, so we are sharing the spotlight a bit (his face is bigger than ours!). Here it is:

And to remind us of really how fast time moves, here is the original photo (circa 1983):

Steve and Jen’ visit was packed full of Boston hot spots… including a long awaited venture on a Duck Boat! We almost completed an H&M trinity, but we slipped past the final shrine and settled for an excellent meal at Stephanie’s on Newberry. On Sunday, Kristin and I spent the middle of the day in Plymouth to witness the Baptism of David Christopher Brown while Steve and Jen visited old haunts at Boston University. We met up with them at a Boston favorite Café Vittoria, and then found food at Quincy Market.

Steve and Jen’s visit reminds us how nice it would be to live closer to each other – rather than spanning the country, Boston to L.A. We love Boston so much, it’s hard to think about moving elsewhere, but the pull back to home is quite strong. Someday we’ll figure it all out…


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