Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gift has returned home

We are proud to announce the return of a family member to our household. Due to the repeated generosity of Joan, my Mom, and the talented hands of native American artist Steven Gootgeld, our spirit lover wedding statue has once again taken its place in our home. This new statue is a faithful replication of the original wedding gift, but with an added base for stability. To honor the spirit of our wedding, pieces from the shattered original reside inside this statue. Many sincere thanks to Steven for such a thoughtful idea.
statue pic

We purchased a small rug during our visit to the Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. that makes a perfect display accent. If you have a chance to visit the new Smithsonian, your reward will be an experience that in my humble opinion makes it one of the finest museums in the world. It is a breathtaking, engaging, challenging, and glorious tribute to native peoples from Canada to Chile. If you go – tell us – and we’ll meet you there to see it again. Seriously.
at MAI pic


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