Monday, January 16, 2006


You. Me. We’re stuck on the same membrane. Gravity is a property of the Bulk, and remains the only force we experience that is not stuck to our particular brane (yeah, it’s a closed string, unlike the other three forces). By the end of my stay in existence, I expect we’ll have a profoundly new and incredible understanding of this universe (actually, we already know it’s a multi-verse). So, somebody out there tell me if this explains “tunneling,” the seemingly impossible transport of electrons through potential wells that I learned in my college physics classes. Please? I took a look at the math and I’m terribly overwhelmed. It seems quite possible that Frank Herbert’s fantastic concept of folding space-time to “travel” vast distances in Dune is, in fact, possible. However, we’ll have to amend the concept, and the folding thereof, to just our brane and leave manipulation of the Bulk to even greater beings.

Don’t even get me started on F-theory.


Blogger Sam said...

OK, I can't say anything even remotely intelligent in resonse to this post, but I must comment anyway - because...DUDE, you have a blog! And I had no idea.

Now I do.


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