Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cole Slaw on This Journey?

I marvel at my friends who have lived in the same place for a very long time. My stints in graduate school produced the only lengthened stay in an area (in Boulder, CO and in Evanston, IL). Other than that, my life has been nomadic. Kristin has only recently joined me on my path. She is my essential-wonderful companion on the journey of life.

I reflect because I feel yet another jump impending. Kristin and I have been in Cambridge MA for about a year and a half now and my job search appears to be pulling us away. Mind you, I’m still searching. Nothing certain yet. The longer my job hunt stretches out, the more I’m convinced it’s my only talent: looking. See? I’m looking at you, too.

We have good friends who must feel even more displaced than we feel. (However, let me assert that ‘feeling displaced’ doesn’t necessarily have to hold a negative connotation. Our continent-hopping friends seem the happiest we’ve know them.) The distant-ness from family makes my wife and me consider where our next move will take us – do we continue on our exploration of the world, or do we return to the beautiful fortress, the sanctuary of our childhood, Colorado Springs?

Ah, Colorado Springs. Cole Slaw to the indoctrinated. The thought conjures such mixed feelings. Most of the negative feelings come from the perception of how conservative the populace seems (through the media, personal recollections). I admit some of the feelings come from the prospect of running into classmates from high school – dreadfully revisiting my own past, battling misconceptions, hoping they’ll remember my name, forgetting theirs. And yet that city is as beautiful place you could ever wish for.

If you’re reading this, you’ll know how it all works out before I post about it again.

Cool, cool, call me later.


Blogger Sam said...

When will we know?!

We'll be in Colorado in early August. Might we find you there?

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great to see your blog.
Well done!!
I hope all is well with with you kristin and Steve. I hope I get to see you all someday!
Aaron Michelfelder

9:34 PM  

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