Friday, April 14, 2006

Here comes the car chase...

My everlasting quest to be gainfully employed has yet another possibility and it’s a possible shocker. For all of those readers out there (this means you, Sam. Yup. Just you so far…) you may know of my penchant for all things Rocky Mountain. Shall I describe the ideal job location? You guessed it: Denver, Colorado. Actually, further up the hill would be great, but not anywhere near the defunct nuclear processing plant. I’d need a plutonium-grade Britta filter if that happened.

Back to subject. So might you imagine something completely different, even polar to an environment like Denver? How about Miami? MY MAMMY! Yup, the stuff of 80’s TV and U2 songs. It appears that there might be a chance that BOTH the Salada brothers will live near a town called ‘Hollywood.’ Par for course, said Hollywoods are on the opposite sides of the country. How’s that for twin-weirdness? Not really? Ah, well, it was worth a mention. Once again, fans (Sam), stay tuned for more updates... as they trickle in like molasses.


Blogger Sam said...

I love the 'my mammy!' u2 reference - very nicely done. But, wow, couldn't you move to Colorado instead, please?

But I guess there is a silver lining: you guys will get sick of all the sun and sand and heat and humidity and will therefore visit us more frequently in the UK!

5:32 AM  

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