Monday, October 15, 2007

Martini Bingo

Have you ever seen a photo of a White Elephant Martini Bingo Party?

There you have it. Serious gaming. Well, some of the guests had tied one on the night before so we suspect the determined faces might have something more to do than playing Bingo... Nonetheless, Kristin and I had a fabulous time hosting you great people! The award for the best prize, hands down, was the Beating Heart. It exchanged hands we think more than five times. Who brought that? It was awesome.
Dan and Toni Marie demonstrate their bingo prowess...

Beautiful people play Bingo - Kristin and Rob (Rob won the Zippy round!)

Kristin and I had the help of the Dr. Elizabeth Barnes Rejman, PhD, MA, CPC, BCPC, DMV, in setting up for the evening - thanks lady! She even took a few turns a callin'!

Ann-Marie won the blackout round at the end - and all the cash! We think it was close to, like, a million dollars!

We hope you enjoyed the evening - we certainly did! And to all those who couldn't make it, we hope you're jealous enough to join us next time. Who knows? It could be in our new house... (But that's for another blog)


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