Friday, December 08, 2006


We’re surrounded by boxes in sunny Denver. Our place is located in the “Highlands,” a historically Hispanic neighborhood across the highway from downtown. In fact, we’re 1 and ½ blocks from Rosa Linda’s Mexican Café. Yum! For those of you who grew up in Colorado, we’re about 15 blocks from the original Elitch’s site, now overrun with fancy new town homes. (However, they kept the Merry-Go-‘Round Pavilion and show outdoor movies there in the summer.)

Our drive from Boston to Denver was not without some scary moments – including Mark losing control of the truck (with a car-tow) for a brief moment in Illinois. Kristin relates, “I heard Mark gasp, and since he wasn’t swearing I knew we were in serious trouble.” Thankfully, I recovered quickly and the rest of the trip was without incident. [Aside: Concrete highways are the bane of trucks with a car-tow. The constant rocking due to the seams made us nauseous.]

Our cat Sullivan appears to have survived the trip just fine. He’s so excited about the dramatic increase in square footage (previous apartment = 750 sq. ft., current house = 2200 sq. ft.) that he keeps puking. He still finds us in our room at night and settles in for a good sleep. I’m sure he’ll calm down soon…

Kristin’s business is having a busy week – she’s already spoken at the Pioneer Alumni Network Breakfast, and then promptly drove to Santa Fe for the annual Experiential Training & Development Alliance (ETDA) summit at Sunrise Springs Resort. Mark is happy to stay behind and unpack.

So, it’s time for the Holiday Season! We both look forward re-introducing ourselves to the Colorado social scene. Let’s raise a glass!


Blogger Sam said...

Welcome to Denver! We're very jealous of your location. And you shoud know: you're about 10 blocks from Rebecca's sister, Liz!!!

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