Friday, December 22, 2006

Let it Snow!

For all those of you who have seen the news, I bring you pictures of the Denver Blizzard of 2006!

I am so tired from shoveling (and being out of shape at high altitude) that my arms are cramping as I type this. Kristin jumped in and made her first post-move snow angel during the first night of the storm. It was covered again by another 9 inches by morning. In all, I think we got around 20 inches in our neighborhood. Welcome to Colorado!

Yes, that's my car in the first picture. You just gotta love the snow.

I would like to give thanks here to those who helped us move – foremost recognition goes to my brother Steve and his girlfriend Jen. They flew out to Boston, helped up with last minute packing, and then drove across the country with us. They braved more than just bad weather! I hereby present the Blue Ribbon Karma Award to Steve and Jen.

Additional thanks go to my sister Jen and Dustin for the actual move-in night. Together with Dave and Jacqui, we reduced the pain of hauling by a significant factor. You guys are the greatest, and we hope to repay your kindness soon now that we’re “locals.”

We wish all of our readers (yes, all three of you) a very Merry Christmas!


Anonymous Shannon said...

Wow, I do somehow associate piles of snows and barried cars with you. But then again anyone I called neighbor in chicago and boston probably does:) now when do we get pictures (puke free if possible) of the interior of your new mansion - which for all those familiar with cambridge square footage is exactly what I call any house that is... well a house

oh I'm sorry for waking you in the middle of the night, I figured your phone'd be off and had no idea it would attack you 4 times to prematurely great the new year

10:05 PM  

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