Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Started a Company, Moving to Colorado

In about four weeks, I’ll be sending blog entries from our new residence in Colorado. Uh, not that we actually have a place yet, nor do we have any final arrangements for the move. We do however have high hopes, a bright outlook, and a warm feeling about being closer to family and good friends.

We’ve made some wonderful friends here in Boston, and our transition comes with a bit of heavy heart. Kristin and I have every intention to continue those relationships – perhaps even luring a few folks out West in the process, if only for a brief visit. As the incredible Fall colors in New England swirl in the wind around us, we have fond memories of what it was like to live on the Charles River in this incredible town.

Plans are to settle in some quaint neighborhood in Denver, hopefully sustaining the urban-cosmopolitan-chic setting we found ourselves in Cambridge. Kristin will continue her business as usual, but flying to clients from DIA instead of Logan. We’re hoping to have a little more square footage per dollar in Denver than we have had here in Cambridge – perhaps enough for a bona fide office!

Without further adieu, I hereby announce the creation of my own company: Infinite Set Technology, LLC. With the goal of improving how humans interact with technology, my company helps fill the gap between a good idea and an actual consumer product. As a start, I’m working on some ideas I developed during my studies at Northwestern. It’s promising stuff, and I hope to get everyone “in touch” with it very soon! {∞}

See you in Denver, okay?


Anonymous Matt Pignataro said...

Shoot me an email at when you get to Colorado. We should get together for a beer sometime and catch up.

Belated Happy 36th, by the way.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Colorado!

Charles Dumont

3:51 PM  

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