Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why I Should Be An Astronaut (Indulge Me)

Firstly, I want to be an astronaut. I’ve asked many people and I’m surprised at the number who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go into space. Is it dangerous? Risky? You betcha. But no more, really, than your daily commute.

Second, my Mom says I’d make a good astronaut. I’ve got all the creds… just ask her. Well, sometimes she gets the high-tech acronyms wrong, and she surely thinks I’m smarter than I really am, but of all the people in the world to have on your side, Mom is the first and best place to start.

Third: The price of tea in China. Think about it.

Finally: For the sake of all childhood dreams. How many of us woke up every morning when you were twelve to read books about space and to build LEGO Mars Rovers? Yeah, I know! A ton of us! And how many of us have gotten the nod? It’s high time for someone in the lot to get pulled up and slapped with a full-on EVA suit. I’ve been working towards it my entire life.

Not convinced? Okay, if I become an astronaut, I promise to send you a dollar bill that has been in outer space. But you have to post a comment to get on record... (is bribery becoming of the astronaut core?)


Anonymous Jim Lipsey said...


You're onto something with the dollar bill thing. However, you should have people give you the dollar. Once 20,000,000 folks have signed up, you take the bills to the Russians and buy a trip to the space station. It'd be like the Million Dollar Homepage, only with physical ojects rather than pixels being sold.

20 million greenbacks may exceed your carry-on allowance, so perhaps something smaller? How about MEMS figurines of Mark Salada? I'd pay a dollar for one of those that has been to space. Ten bucks might even be more reasonable. You and Kristin probably don't want to be cutting out 20 million tiny statues after you get back.

If you set up a tip jar, I'll be happy to host a copy in support. We'll call it the Campaign to Get Mark Off the Planet.

Whatdya think?

Seriously, though, I'm rooting for you and hope that NASA will appreciate all that you can contribute.

Best wishes and Godspeed,

2:11 PM  
Blogger Mark Salada said...

I love the idea, the Campaign to Get Mark Off the Planet! I fell out of my chair when I read it, Jim. You are the best! Besides, 20M is a mere 7% of the US population, and I could even go international. Lol.

For the record: Jim gets a space dollar.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

OK, you've already gone international - count me in!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Mark Salada said...

Sam: in. (I can't afford to cover the difference in currency, so it looks like you'll get 0.534£)

8:58 AM  

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