Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Holy cow! It's been a half a year since I posted last? Seriously, shame on me. Well, part of the delay is the craziness of the end of last year. Kristin and I were traveling a lot, and everything seemed on-hold. Of course, time ticks on regardless of how much attention you pay.

Now, fresh with the turn of the year, I'm back on blogspot! Here's a quick update on our lives:

  • Kristin and I recently joined Facebook - friend us!
  • Mark is (still) writing a book about his Uncle
  • Kristin is getting into radio
  • New Angle Consulting posted it's best year yet in 2008!
  • Both of are planning on attending our 20-year High School Reunion in the Fall
  • Our niece Rachael turned twelve last week
  • Everyone's excited to celebrate my Mom's birthday-milestone with a Mediterranean cruise in the Spring!

  • Warm, warm, wishes for you and your families as we begin the New Year!


    Anonymous Shannon said...

    yes shame on you.. just kidding. It was great to see your blog pop up on my google reader today and even more wonderful to chat with Kristin today. We are sending all our love and hope 2009 is wonderful to you.

    6:32 PM  

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